0Stella [oh,Stella] is currently participating in Canada’s Music Incubator Artist Entrepreneur Program in Toronto and will showcase at Canadian Music Week 2019. 0Stella's intentional and impactful work is being recognized by Edmonton Arts Council this year who awarded her the Cultural Diversity Grant. That grant produced Little Yes Little Know, 0Stella's debut EP, and is due out Autumn 2019.  A tour of Ireland and the U.K in July 2018 included shows with notable names such as D-Day, The Violent Kind, Sinead McConville, Paul Gilbody, and Jane Willow.

0Stella is the solo project of Edmonton based artist Liz Pomeroy, who stands out amongst her peers for using her music as a platform to make a positive impact. 0Stella seamlessly unifies the influence of her Irish roots of undeniable rock and traditional fiddle with folk sounds. Designed to comfort hearts amongst a rising tide; those unbearably weighted by the current state of the environmental and political world. Reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, St. Vincent, PJ Harvey and The Frames, 0Stella writes songs based on universal themes and socially conscious topics. In recent years she has become a zero-waste living advocate, which as influenced her song-writing style and led to the creation of protest lyrics in her latest work. These heavy topics are contrasted by catchy pop melodies; creating a sense of irony and rebelliousness on stage. 

0Stella’s approach to music is truly exceptional, violently passionate, and ruthlessly authentic. Her turbulent energy, explosive voice, and revolutionary message is flawlessly delivered into the hearts of listeners, and has been described as “raw, emotive, and powerful - 0Stella’s music will surely have an impact on the reputation and strength of the Edmonton Music community.” ​(Brad Simons - Velveteen Audio) and “exactly what the music industry, and the world, needs right now and has needed for a long time” ​(Jess Preeper - Have Heart Creative). ​